I could go for some rough sex and a large pizza.

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Hello world,
I am an art student creating a public art piece about sexual assault. All I need before the art piece itself can be started is a collection of stories from victims. I will accept any form of storytelling that you want to use to express your experience, long/short stories, poems, letters to your abuser, drawing, video or audio.
You can email me at NYCassaultstory@gmail.com
I hope with this piece I can end the taboos that surround victims of sexual assault so a dialogue can begin in how to end rape culture
I hope those who participate in this work find a sense of healing the same way I find healing in making the work.
Thank you for your truth and bravery.
Xoxo Ali.

Hi again! I am in a crunch time for this piece and am planning on installing it soon, but i still need more submissions.
I am including my own story along side everyone who decides to submit so I hope you decide to join in because believe me everyone who has submitted and myself have felt a lot of good coming out of this.
so remember,  this is a place for healing
Thanks again
xoxo Ali

help the greatest person i know bring attention to sexual assault/rape culture, and hopefully find healing in the process of this amazing piece 

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